zaterdag 26 april 2008

Getting Started

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I should get a blog.  Why one might ask, why do we need another blog in this world?  The answer is fairly simple, I need a blog as a reference for myself.  I need a blog to improve my writing skills and I need a blog because Jan told me (just kidding of course).

If you care to know me more personally I invite you to read my profile. professionally I am developing software ever since the millennium bug.  I started out at Capco, doing consultancy work in Java across Europe (Antwerp, London, Frankfurt, Luxemburg).  I then switched to MSP and .Net.  For them I became the lead developer/architect on a major insurance project in Eindhoven.  In 2004 I decided to take a leap into the dark.  I quit my job and started my own company (PDBC-Systems).

Currently I have a contract at SD WORX (signed thank to Inxin) where I am working on the new security component.  It is built using .NET 3.0 exposing a WCF service on the back-end and a WPF application on the client-side.  My blog will probably be filled with anecdotes about this project.

In my spare time I participate on an Open-Source project called Allors.  Allors is a domain driven enabler!  You create a meta domain by using the repository browser, afterwards Stringtemplate takes care of the code generation to build your domain objects.  By using different strategies (memory, SQL, oracle, ...) you can map your domain to different persistence methods.  A fair amount of blog posts will probably be Allors inspired.

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