dinsdag 29 juli 2008

Ignore files in your subversion repository

After reading the pragmatic programmer in my holiday I decided it was time to put theory into practice.  Whenever I perform an check-in in my subversion repository I usually deleted my bin and obj folders manually to make sure they didn't got checked-in.  Of course tortoiseSVN and subversion provides ways to automatically exclude them when you check-in.

So in order to 'avoid my repetitive tasks' and win those crucial couple of seconds on every commit (have you ever count how much this could add-up to on a year basis?) I browsed the tortoise site and found the following documentation:


Here are the settings that I've applied on my projects : */bin */obj */_ReSharper* *.suo *.user *.resharper


Right where can I win some more time, maybe I can achieve my 4 hour work week!

2 opmerkingen:

Benny Michielsen zei

I don't know why I've never looked for this myself, this well help me not breaking the build server :D.

Patrick zei

It's often those little things that help you most :)

Take care however that the ignore string is case sensative, thus Bin folders will be not be excluded...